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Latour argues that the triumph of the biologist and his methodology must be understood within the particular historical convergence of competing social forces and conflicting interests.

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Yet Pasteur was not the only scientist working on the relationships of microbes and disease. How was he able to galvanize the other forces to support his own research?

Instead of reducing science to a given social environment, Latour tries to show the simultaneous building of a society and its scientific facts. The first section of the book, which retells the story of Pasteur, is a vivid description of an approach to science whose theoretical implications go far beyond a particular case study.

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Instead of leading to sociological reductionism, this method leads to an unexpected irreductionism. In The Number of the Heavens , Tom Siegfried, the award-winning former editor of Science News , shows that one of the most fascinating and controversial ideas in contemporary cosmology—the existence of multiple parallel universes—has a long and divisive history that continues to this day.

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Register Log in. Description New copy - delivered FREE to any NZ address in business days Although every town in France has a street named for Pasteur - was he alone able to stop people from spitting - persuade them to dig drains - influence them to undergo vaccination?

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